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Casa Palacio de Mave

The natural environment

Mave is located at the start of the mountains of Palencia, on the banks of the river Pisuerga, surrounded by woods and trails, near the canyon of La Horadada and the protected area of ​​Las Tuerces-Covalagua.

It is an ideal place for birdwatchers and observing wildlife. The reservoir of Aguilar de Campo is located 7 kilometers away, and in Alar del Rey is the source of the Canal de Castilla, places for water sports, hiking and cycling can be enjoyed. Mave is a mere 50 km from the ski resort of Alto Campoo and just an hour from the beaches of Cantabria.

Romanesque and art carved in rock

This area boasts the highest concentration of Romanesque art in Europe, such as the  monasteries of San Andrés de Arroyo, Santa María de Mave and Santa Maria la Real de Aguilar de Campo, the churches of Moarves, St. Cecilia, St. Euphemia of Cozuelos and gems such as Vallespinoso de Aguilar.

In nearby Olleros de Pisuerga, the church of Saints Justo and Pastor can be visited, which are the best example of eremitism in this country and is the cathedral of the route  of churches caved in rock that populate the neighboring region of Valderredible.
Outdoor activities that can be enjoyed from Casa Palacio de Mave

Outodoor activities

We have the ideal activity for you. We adapt to your budget.

Canoes by the Pisuerga River, Canal de Castilla, etc., hiking, all kinds of outdoor activities.

Highly recommended and fun. Be advised by an expert, Villalobos Active Tourism: Visit Web
European Bison Reserve in SanCebrian de Muda

European Bison Reserve

The European Bison Reserve in San Cebrian de Muda is not a zoo, not an exhibition of live animals. It is part of a different concept, It is a place where bison live in freedom, and where the visitor will enjoy a privileged setting will only be able to see, never the certainty, based on the freedom of the bison enjoys within the reserve.  Visit web
La Olmeda is a Roman villa where you can observe the lifestyle of the surrounding countryside

Roman villa La Olmeda

Roman villa of La Olmeda

The Roman villa La Olmeda is a Roman villa located Pedrosa de la Vega. The site was declared a Cultural Interest on 3 April 1996. It was a farm whith two chronological phases; on the one hand a villa of the first century that lasted until the late third century, and secondly the rebuilding of it in the fourth century until it was destroyed and abandoned in the sixth century.
La Olmeda is a Roman villa where you can observe the lifestyle of the surrounding countryside. Visit web
Geological park in northern Palencia and Burgos and south of Cantabria with great scientific interest

Geopark Las Loras

Las Loras, straddling the provinces of Burgos, Palencia and Cantabria, is the geological landscape of a seabed built two hundred million years ago. 
Visit Website
Palencia has several natural regions that provide a varied landscape of extraordinary beauty and cultural resources

Tourism in Palencia

Palencia never disappoint the visitor. Consists of several distinct natural regions together with landscape, vegetation, wildlife and very rich natural resources. Visit website

Casa Palacio de Mave. A place to enjoy

Small video where we present the houses and some places around

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